Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Discussing the decision NOT to recommend vit D screening nationwide.

(prompting some thoughts on FREE LUNCH)

"The benefits of vitamin D, at least to bone, are clear. Beyond debating the numeric definition of vitamin D deficiency and seeking additional potential benefits of vitamin D sufficiency, future research should address how to promote moderate exposure to the sun and healthful eating habits and increase compliance with vitamin D supplementation. Before considering ordering a 25-hydroxyvitamin D test, clinicians should ask themselves why a patient may have vitamin D deficiency in the first place and take the opportunity to promote a healthful lifestyle. Clinicians also should assess whether the patient will be compliant with vitamin D supplementation and how to increase that compliance. Without changes in lifestyle or compliance with long-term supplementation, a short duration of vitamin D "sufficiency" maintained by high doses of vitamin D does not warrant screening for vitamin D deficiency in most patients."
   (MY emphasis above)

Many doctors lack time to read studies  -  probably getting their news from titles of studies or headlines, which we know don't often correspond to content.  With less knowledge they generally follow the 'instructions' of the companies they have known - remember most of the doctors in practice today went to medical school at the time (stopped only recently).  Here are some articles on that CONFLICT of INTEREST.

Additionally current screening is about disease DISCOVERY even though it is often referred to as 'Prevention'.  Taking vit D3 on a national scale , would be TRUE prevention and that is not in step with the goals of our consumerism-oriented society.  To be fair, any new concept takes an extremely long time to enter our medical system so this one will be kicked around for perhaps another TWENTY years before it is well understood.  Still many studies have shown those diagnosed with cancer have low levels of vit D3.  It is not yet clear if this is a cause.  Buy many of us who follow an Integrative health program - using (mostly) Organic food, being physically active, reducing stress (learning to deal with it better), detoxing, and taking dietary supplements, generally will add vit D3 if needed.  I certainly did.

To protect yourself, get tested by your primary care doc for vit D3 levels.  Build yourself back up and STAY with it.  Keep it at an excellent level for your health.  Do get a bit of sun everyday - 15 minutes for those in the North and 5 minutes for Southerners.