Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Cancer Drug Approved, But Does it Prolong Life?

Comments: New Cancer Drug Approved, But Does It Prolong Life?

As the founder of The Annie Appleseed Project I have often noted that we patients/advocates continue to accept drugs that generally fail to offer much in the way of lifesaving benefits - extension of life (with poor quality), usually a few months or less. we will always get offered that type as long as we acquiesce.

The NY Times article clearly states that this occurs with horrible frequency.

"Among those that gained approval in the last 20 years, fewer than one in five have been shown to extend lives, life extensions usually measured in weeks or months, not years".

It has been profitable to create, sell, market, drugs that are very expensive, highly toxic but not very useful. Yes, they help a few, but the cost is high. I think the cost is that we do not have BETTER, LESS EXPENSIVE drugs - but that may just be me.

If it is about health, then WE need to ask for less toxicity. I believe one method to achieve that is to include, involved and test, natural products more fully. Our site has many pages of animal research on the value of some nutrients, dietary supplements, herbs. It is TIME to really take a look at this valuable resource area.

If we can accept the level of toxicity that chemotherapy brings - how fearful can we be about vitamins and natural nutrient?

Ann F.

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