Thursday, July 31, 2014

Integrative Oncology from the Patient Advocate Perspective

As a 20+ year survivor I sought to find, then offer, information on natural cancer strategies.  At first I needed them for my own cancer protocol, then to help others.

Integrative Oncology refers to the simple, natural and non-toxic approaches that can reduce toxicity, possibly enhance the efficacy of conventional treatment, and create feelings of well-being and control in people dealing with cancer.
Many studies, some from long ago, have pointed to the strong patient interest in Integrative Oncology (formerly known as CAM).  Yet the professional oncology community’s knowledge has failed to keep up.

Trained to seek Level 1 studies, they have failed to note the preponderance of all the other evidence available supporting natural approaches. Due to cost, most natural products/substances are not reviewed at Level 1 and probably will never be.

We’ve created a simple program we call 3 Steps 4 Health which offers anyone in cancer treatment a guide to improved health.  We will present the research that backs up these simple ideas that can be incorporated into anyone’s protocol.

We also have a Handout to Reduce Toxicities (also a Pediatric version) that is evidence-based to help with those adverse effects that plague modern cancer patients.  So many suffer from neuropathy – there are quite a few methods to protect or treat this with complementary therapies that can be integrated into conventional treatment.  ASCO has pointed to the value of Yoga, of Ginger and more natural approaches but oncology professionals have been slow to adopt or recommend.

Ann E. Fonfa, Annie Appleseed Project, Delray Beach, FL USA

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