Thursday, July 31, 2014

Obstacles to CAM for minority communities to healthy foods and supplements

Obstacles and solutions for minority communities to healthy foods and supplements, gyms and healthy care products. Princetta Scott and Ann Fonfa, The Annie Appleseed Project, Delray Beach, FL

There are a variety of obstacles that make it difficult for people living in minority communities to adopt healthier lifestyles despite their desire to do so.  These include few health food stores or shops that carry fresh produce or supplements.  Very little access to gyms, few ‘safe’ places to run in the streets or parks to play outdoors in.
Some minority neighborhoods have been shown to have more fast food restaurants and bars than any other type of food establishment.  Prices for fresh produce may be higher in these communities.

Some solutions include joining a walking or running group (be the organizer if this does not exist in your area yet). Joining or creating a food coop, reaching out to local/organic farmers to suggest a market day.  Visit with local nonprofits to suggest they fund or run these projects.

Ask local stores to host a food market or coop.

(photo shows the authors in Lisbon, Portugal with a poster)

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